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Store Wide Sale! up to 30% off! No promo code needed!
Store Wide Sale! up to 30% off! No promo code needed!


We started the knockdown furniture business in the Philippines 

Back in the 1980’s, TV manufacturers touted screen size as “bigger is better”. Hence as Television (TV) screens increased in size from 13 inches to 32 inches, it also brought a proportional increase in TV depth. Furthermore, VHS, Laserdiscs and other formats began to crowd living room. Soon there was no more space left!

The problem? You needed a large cabinet to store these TV’s and tapes BUT it had to transport easily and fit though doorways. We scoured the market looking for TV cabinets that could fulfill this criterion but found none that could fit the common man’s needs.

Our solution:
Knockdown (KD) cabinets

We designed and manufactured the first TV cabinets that were large, durable and flat-packed so they could be assembled in-home.

Using the same methodology, we applied the same principles to Personal Computers (PC’s) as they began to populate each household.

Once again, we designed and manufactured the first mass produced computer tables for the Philippine market.

We developed our modular cabinet line as one of the first adopters of German CNC woodworking machines

As our workforce shifts focus to health and work from home, we will continue to engage by providing the best solutions for their needs

The advent of the contact center and BPO industry led us to develop our monolithic and tile system partitions which provided a great return on investment 


To ensure that our customers have the best workspace that they can afford through excellence in our people, process and product


Making Workspaces Work

We aim to provide a workspace that our customers and people
will look forward coming to each day 

Why Choose Us



As most of our products are produced in-house, we invest in training our Filipino workforce. 



From product design to project management, our systems are designed to prevent and document problems before they arise



We have a dedicated R&D team that sources, designs,  and tests products

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