Safeglass 5mm thick Expandable (140 cm) Clear Acrylic Triple Panel Protective Shield for Counter, Reception, Desk, Dining Shield

by Cubix
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  • The Triple Panel Guard with a Transaction Opening is ideal for retailers to use at checkout stations, over the counter serving, offices or anywhere that needs increased protection from the public. For use on counters that are not too deep.
  • No assembly needed. Panels fold up and ready to use
  • The Panels are made of 5 mm thick durable Plexiglass materials and are shaped into clear high quality acrylic guards.
  • The main panel is 90 cm length and 60 cm height. Expands up to 140 cm L for large tables.
  • Effortlessly move from place to place as needed. Clear adhesive clips are easy to replce. Guards are still movable after stabilizers are set and the shields are in place. When the shield is no longer needed, the clip can be removed without damaging the surface.
  • The Guard can be regularly cleaned using store-bought disinfectants, homemade bleach solutions, or alcohol solutions that are at least of 70% alcohol.
  • SKU: H1-9060