About Cubixoffice

CubixOffice Inc.  is an Ortigas Center based firm, exclusively engaged in the manufacture and marketing of high quality and office furniture.

Formerly a division of Audio Concept Inc., known for its flagship brand SANWA furniture established over 25 years ago, the Company has been dedicated to developing products of superior design and construction, and remaining  flexible to meet the individualized needs of clients. It has built its reputation on being honest, affordable, flexible and easy to work with.  We have the resources to handle any and all of our customers’ needs from small business just starting out, to big companies looking to expand.

Recognized as a one of the design leader in space management, the commitment to innovation and modern design has yielded a comprehensive portfolio of furniture for homes, offices, canteens, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, and other institution. Cubix’s professional designers are experts in innovation, offering insight into what is possible in the workplace now and in the future.

Successful projects have ranged in sizes, from 20 sqm to 4,000 sqm areas projects. Cubix’s integration of design, sales, production, and project management at a single location has resulted in a high level of quality control and commitment to customer satisfaction.  As a full service facility consultant and contract furniture dealership, we manage each job from inception to completion with personalized customer service and support.